Day #2 Bread Baking = Magic

Are Saturday mornings still for cartoons? We don’t have kids, or cable, so I can’t say for certain. Growing up as a mostly 90’s kid I miss cartoons like Darkwing Duck, Tailspin, Duck Tales, Ninja Turtles, Looney Toons, Captain Planet ect…Things were more for fun, less for “education” and less crazy computer animated. I think we turned out ok in spite of it.

Randomly today, mostly while driving, I kept getting this overwhelming feeling like I’d been here before, already done this, but simultaneously like anything was possible. A feeling of lonely resoluteness. The kind where you know there’s a lot of hard work ahead, but your excited at what could be achieved.

However, today’s accomplishments simply consisted of two hours of lawn mowing and baking some rosemary olive oil bread ( ) in my new round stoneware from pampered chef.

I submit to you there really is no better smell than rising/baking bread. It will always be magic to me that you can mix together so simple of ingredients and all the sudden you get something so wonderful and warm and tasty as bread.

The evening passed by quickly with good food and conversation provided by a great friend. I can only hope tomorrow goes as fast.

I love you and miss you and you’ve been in my thoughts/prayers all day,




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